Monday, September 10, 2012

North Seoul Tower

 Later that evening, (Saturday, September 9th, we all went to the North Seoul Tower which is a popular tourist attraction in Seoul. 
Here are some super cute kiddos on the subway.
 We were literallt hiking up bakstreets trying to ge to Namsun park which is where the tower is located.  Here we could see the tower in the distance.
 We finally got to the park, and started hiking up this very beautiful path up the mountian.
 Here we are resting.  It was quite steep.
 Here is Avery snuggling up to Nick. So sweet!
 After realizing we went the wrong way on the path, we hiked back down and found the line for the gondola which takes you up the mountian to the tower.  Here we are in line.  (I'm pretty sure we hiked 5 miles or more with babies strapped to our backs.  We were tired!!!)
 The boys.  Actually a good picture!
We finally made it to the base of the tower.  Here is the view of the tower.  It was so beautiful.

 We brought locks with Addison and Avery's names on them to put on the "lock tree."  This is a place where people put locks to commerate love.
A random photo by a Korean star. After we took the photo an employee ran out an took the cardbaord guy inside his store.  hummm..maybe we weren't supossed to do that!  We all laughed!

 the tower
cutie pie.

The locks locked together on the North Tower - forever a piece of them in Seoul

 trying to get a photo by the locks.
The boys in front of the lock trees.  They were in the shape of Christmas trees and completlely covered by locks.

There were an unbelievable amount of locks, most had special little meesages attached to them.
The light show on the tower.  I have video of this at the end of the blog.  It was incredible!

 Nick an I with the babies!  The tower was so incredible!  It was jsut a great sight!

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