Saturday, September 8, 2012

Meeting Addison's foster mom

 I know I posted video of Addison and her foster mom's meeting, but here are some photos too.  It was so moving.  I can't even desrcibe it.  She just loves her so much.  She said she has her photos hung in her living room still to this day.  It clear she has a very special place in her heart! 
The littel guy Jack is holding above is the baby boy she is now fostering.  He was a HUGE baby.  He cracked us up!!!
 When we arrived at Holt we ran into her in the hall.  She squealed and ran over to us, and started kissing and touching Addie's face.  She then held her and just hugged and kissed her. 
 She couldn't get over how beautiful Addies was!  (We agree!)
 This is is just before we entered Holt to meet Addie's foster mom.  My pictures are uploading in a weird order!
This was our first glimpse of the Holt office.
After we chatted with Addie's foster mom via an interpreter, we went all went to lunch at a Korean BBQ restaurant.  It was a hit!  It was my perosnal favorite so far!  Although I did really like the fried sushi!
The BBQ!  Yummy!
Here is Addie sitting next to her foster mom.  She let her feed her too!  Her foster mom would wrap the meat up in lettuce and then just shove it into her mouth.  Addie was a really trooper and let her do it too!  It made her foster mom so happy!  It was a great meeting.  I'm SO, SO glad we did this.  It was completely worth while.  I feel it was the very least we could do to show the foster mom how much we appreciated her lover for our daughter. 
Thank you foster mom! 
 We love you, and Addie wants to take you home with her!


  1. Noel-
    We sat at that very table in the same restaurant with our foster family. Such a small connected world we live in :)

  2. Heather and Mark, You are raising a very sweet and giving child. It warmed my heart to see how she loved on her foster Mom. Addie is much like you were, Cookie. AND you still are a giving and loving person. I am so-o-o-o very proud of you and how God is using you and Mark to make a home for other children.