Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Sunday evening we went to a shopping area called Myeong-dong.  It was incredible.  It had tons and tons of shops, street food, and this very, very weird guy.  I have no idea what he was doing or what his motorcycle said, but it was blaring loud music and he had a bubble blower.  VERY strange.

 Here is the first street vendor we ran into.  We ate some spicy grilled chicken on a stick that we bought from them.

 Her is Nick eating the chicken.,  It was SO spicy, but really really good! 
Here is a photo of one street in Myeong-dong.  You can  see its lined with shops and FULL of people.  I thought since it was Sunady night it wouldn't be very crowded, but it was really, really packed!!!  The amount of people was unbelievable.

Here is a 3-story Dunkin Donuts - yes, 3-story!!!

Here is Jack sharing his Korean dim sum which is like a dumpling wiht meat and yummy stuff inside.  We all really liked them.  The girls both a ton of them! 

Here is the couple who made the dim sum.

 They also had homemade lemonade stands.  They literally squeezed the lemons in front of you and then added some other liquids and boom! -yummy lemonade!
Here are some potatoes curled around sticks, freid, and rolled in a light sugar.  Oh my word!!!!  They were heavenly!!  We all loved them!  We couldn't get enough!  (They were cutting the potatoes right there at the little stand too!)

Addie - loving her daddy!

 Me, eating those yummy potatoes!  I misss them already!
I think Avery ate half of them!  She is a great eater! 
 Our little sweety!  All worn out form a long, fun day!

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