Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sept. 6: AM: Gyeongbokgung Palace

 Thursday, Spetember 6th, we started our morning with our "city tour."  Holt gives us an interpreter for the day and then we just explore the city with her!  We started at Gyeongbokgung palace, the largest palace in Seoul.  Here we are en route to the palace via the subway.
 "Sue" our interpreter is there on the right.  She is a college student and majoring in marketing.
 The palace was full of little school children touring the palace.  They were so cute!
 Beautiful palace!
 Men dressed in traditional guards uniforms.

All the pillars and ceilings were intricately painted and colorful!  They were beautiful!
 She was done listening to the tour guide!
 All of us!
 I love this photo!
The main palace building where the king resided.
Addie, now posing!

 The boys by one of the lakes.

Behind us was a large pond covered with lilly pads.  It had a wlakway to the gazebo in the middle of the pond.  It was full of fish and was gorgeous.
 Here we are in front of "The Blue House" which is jsut like our "White House".  The Korean president resides there!  It was very cool!
More photos of the "Blue House"
Jack in on the many entryways.  Behind him are the traditional Korean pots used to make Kimchi.
Next blog post: The afternoon of September 6th - the market!!

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