Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sisters: first day together!

So on Saturday, September 10th, the boys went to the DMZ and the girls and I stayed in.  I took them to Pororo Park which is a little kids playland.  Pororo is a VERY popular cartoon here in Korea.  The fox character by Addie is one of Pororo's friends.   Here they are playing in the kitchen/book/house area.

Avery playing in the kitchen area.

This are was full of soft blocks and legos.  Pretty girl!

 Oh! soft tunnels too!
Avery isn't terribly fond of the camara I've discovered!  I know she looks unhappy but she was having fun...I swear!!!

 This was the climbing/slides area.  Avery really liked this as you can see! 

They both loved the slides and went down them over and over!

 The train was also a favorite!  Again, Avery isn't smiling but she really liked it.   They rode it over and over.
Avery's very favorite area was the musical area.  It had bells, drums, pianos, cymbal, tamberines, everything!  She was delighted!! 

 There in the middle is Pororo..I think hes either a duck or a penguin.  I just can't tell!!
Playing in the ball pit!  Avery LOVED throwing the balls!  In fact, she loves throwing anything!!!

 After Pororo Park, we had a little McDonalds
  picnic to end our long day!  WE has SO much fun!


  1. Congratulations! Will pray for smooth adjustments for you all. Sanna

  2. Congratulations! Sisters, what a blessing :)
    Also, the green guy is Crong, he's a baby crocodile I believe, or a baby dragon, I can't remember...

  3. Oh how cute! I love the picture of Addison and Avery in matching outfits:) Avery looks so happy- you guys make it look so easy! She looks like she has been with you forever:) Congratulations again x