Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daddy and his girls

 So Avery has decided that Daddy is "ok."  This is a big deal because she wanted NOTHING at all to do with him the first week or so.  He has been kissing her, hugging her, and bribing her with sweets and snacks in order to get a little smile - or ANYTHING!! There were times he sat next to her and she frowned and turned her body the other way!  But the past couple days shes played with him, let him hold her, and magically, she fell asleep on his shoulder.  It was a miracle!  (So I took a picture!!)  Mark was pretty happy too!  :)
 Sweet baby girl!
 Addison ahd her first dance class last night.  She has been supre clingy and crying about everything, and claimed she didn't want to go.  He she is sitting in Dad's lap after I told she was going to dance whether she wanted to or not.  See her little grin?  Thats the "I got my daddy and he wont make me go" grin.  She went. (And she had a great time and didn't cry!!!)
 She finally decided to pose!
My sweet little dancer!

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