Wednesday, September 12, 2012


On Monday, September 10th we packed up for a full day at Everland Amusement Park.  Its about an hour outside of the city and is a huge attraction for families in and around Seoul.

 This was the day that Avery decided she hated all forms of transportation.  The minute we stepped onto the subway she screamed.  We got off at the next stop unsure of what we should do.  After all, we had a 30 minute subway ride and then a 45 minute bus ride to the park.  We debated and argued in the subway...I'm sute that was funny to see...a HUGE white family, with two Korean cuties debating what to do in the middel of the subway system... anyway..we decided to just go for it.  So we put earphones on Avery so the sounds of the subway wouldnt upset her and fed her M&Ms.  She was teary-eyed, but not we felt it was a huge success!!
When we got there we were starving so we ate.  We had pizza, bulgogi, and Mark had a corndog. They also sold fried squid..only in Korea can you ger fried squid at an amusement park!

 The table had no chairs..they were standing type tables so we just sat the girls on top and fed them!
Heres Miss Thing - psoing for yet another photo!


 Here are the boys on a ride.
Avery - NOT liking her Daddy yet. She will warm up. 

Here is Addie driving her car.  She loved that ride!  She rode it four times.

 Avery..she really doesn't like her picture taken!
The sisters - having fun on a little ride together.  Addie and Avery both loved it!  They giggled and laughed the enitre time!

Everland was absolutely beautiful!  It was set in the moutains outside of Seoul.  It was so pretty and the weather was perfect - high of 82, low of 64!!!  This photo does not even begin to do it justice!

Here is a Halloween parade that the park put on several times a day!  It was really cool!  (Addie was afraid of the scary guy in the show!)

 More Halloween parade..
Here ia a group of little Korean school children coming to Everland.  They were adorable so I took a picture.  Look how cute they are!!!
And yes, I believe we were the only white people there. and we were the only family of 7.  We were a novelty to say the least!

Here is the light parade that Everland does evey evening.  It was so cool!  Even the boys thought it was cool!  We were all impressed!!


Here we are in front of this huge man-made tree in the middle of the park!

Here we are aat the entrance getting ready to leave.  the park was beautiful.  The gardens were particaulary gorgeous and the ride we great too!  We all loved it! 

 So sleepy after a long day at Everland!!  Aren't they adorable!


  1. Hi, this is Julie Jung from Korea who is a girl friend of Harin's foster mother's grand son. Now I see that she has new name Avery. I'm so glad she seems so happy. We are all miss her.

    1. Dear Julie Jung,

      We love Ha rin so much, and it breaks my heart when I think about you, your boyfriend and her foster mother. I know she was SO loved and I can never replace or repay what all of you did for her. We are so grateful for the way you all loved and cared for her.

      Her full name is Avery Faith Ha rin. We kept her Korean name because it is important that she knows her Korean heritage. We actually still call her Ha rin. Thank you so much for all you and everyone did. We are so grateful.