Monday, September 10, 2012

Korean Church!

We were invited to attend a Korean Baptist church Sunday, September 9th

 Here is Avery on the subway...when she still liked it.  Later she started screaming everytime we got on it!   The church was on the other side of Seoul so we had about a hour of travel time via foot & subway.
The church met at this university.  It has about 2000 members.  The university is Konkuk University - KU -Drew as thrilled there was a KU in Seoul.  It also has a medical school Here is Drew and the daughter of the lady that invited us.  Her name was Hani Chang Victoria.  She was in 6th grade.


Here is the pastor praying over each child.  The kids came onto the stage, sat down.  She spoke to them and then put her hand on each child and prayed for them.  

 Here she is praying for Jack.
Here is the auditorium where the service was held.

 After the service, we were invited to eat with their cell group.  They always have church, then afterwards they eat, have prayer requests, and pray together.  They were super sweet and thoughtful and ordered us pizza for lunch!  They even ordered it from a place that didn't deliver because they thought we'd like it better!   
 They even ordered Avery a beautiful birthday cake form a local deli becasue she turned 2 that day. (picture was deleted by Avery herself so its at the end of the post!)
 Here is the whole group.
 The girls got tired during prayer, so I took them outside and they ran around.
I caught them both laughing!

 Here is the lake that is on the universioty campus!  It was beautiful.  Notice the sign in the lake says "Smart KU"  Drew was thrilled!!
On the way home.
 On the subway home.
Tired after a long day and birthday party!
 Here is the birthdya cake they got her!  It was SO yummy!! 
Happy 2nd birthday sweetheart! 
Thank you so much for including us in your church worship and small group!  We loved the pizza and we were so moved by everyones generosity and kindness!  It meant SO much to us.  We will NEVER forget it!

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