Thursday, September 6, 2012

sept. 6: PM The Market

Here we are on the subway headed to a popular Korean market.  The boys hate it when I take photos of them on the subway. 
Here is the market - full of people!
 Here we are in teh market.
 Here is a lady selling fish in the market.
More markets.
 While at the market, we went to a very traditional hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant.  We went up three, very steep, narrow staircases, and finally found a floor that had an available table.  We all took our shoes off and sat on the floor.  Our guide, Sue, ordered for us.  We ate noodles in soup, hot & cold, plus a littel kimchi.  It was a great experience! 

Addie was sound asleep during the market and lunch.  Here she is sleeping on my back.  That carrier is a wonderful thing!!!
 Here we are with Sue at the market!
Ah yes!!! McDonalds!  ...but they have no Diet Coke.  I'm dying without it!   
 Addie, trying to sleep again on my back.
The boys, tired.  very tired.  The 14 hour jet-lag is kicking in!! 
We were on our way to see the popular show called "Nanta."  Its kind of like "Stomp" in that in incorporates rythms, dancing, and humor into a show.  There is virtually no dialop as the story is told by acting, rythm, and dance so we could understand it even though it was Korean.

Here is the theater sign.

 The performers
 One of the drumming sequences.
Teh grand finale.  It was  great show.  It was very funny and entertaining!  The boys loved it! 

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  1. So incredibly excited with you guys! KNow that our hearts and prayers ar with you today as you get Avery!!!