Friday, September 14, 2012

First day at home

 Our first full day at home was wonderful!  The girls are getting along quite well and they both love palying with Play Dough!
Playing with scissors...don't worry...they're just plastic kid-scissors!!
 Avery was too busy to pose...Addison is never too busy to pose!
 AH HA!!!  I caught her smiling!!!

Remember the last photos I posted of Avery's bath at the hotel?  (She was screaming!!! it didn't go well at all.) Well look at these!!  She actually had fun in her bath!  I was so thrilled!  She was splashing and laughing.  She thought it was hilarious that water was getting on her face!  Amazing transformation!  YAY!!!
 The girls being silly!

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  1. hey heather! Got wind of your blog thru Angela while you were over in Korea, didn't know the time had finally come for you to get another princess! Great posts, she is a doll, welcome home, and many blessings settling in with your new addition!!