Friday, January 29, 2010

We are logged into the National Visa Center!!!!

I'm so excited!!!! Its virtually impossible to get through to the National Visa Center (NVC) especially with all the Haitians Visa's being processed now, so I called at 6:30am, I'm up anyway, and was able to actually reach a human being!! (This, after several days of hearing nothing but their recording… "Hello, you've reached the National Visa Center. If you're calling about a Haiti related issue, dial 1, …I'll spare you the whole message.) Anyway, a very nice lady said our case was logged into their system on January 27th and would probably be processed and logged out soon. (Average processing time is 2-5 days) I was given my case number and then hung up!! I'm so happy!! This means several things:

  1. Our case information has been entered correctly into the system (a huge relief because it doesn't always happened this way)
  2. They are processing Visas normally; no significant delays because of Haiti!
    I am done with paperwork because they have it all, and it's all correct!!

What does this mean as far as a timeline? Well here's what has to happen before we can get a travel call:

  • NVC will log out our case and send the information to the embassy in Seoul, South Korea.
    The U.S. Embassy will send a packet called the P3 to our adoption agency.
  • The agency will gather all the necessary paperwork and return the completed packet to the embassy. (We have to have our Emigration Permit (EP) in order to have the packet returned…ours was submitted on January 12th. We expect it to be approved in a couple weeks)
  • The agency can then schedule an appointment at the U.S. Embassy for the baby, social worker and foster mother. This is called the Embassy Appearance. (AKA: EA)
  • After the appointment, the official Visa Interview will be scheduled (AKA: VI)
  • About a week later we get a travel call. (AKA: TC)

When will we travel? It typically takes about a month from the time you receive your Emigration Permit. So if I was to put a general timeframe on this, I'd say 6-8 weeks? Maybe less maybe more. Who knows..I do know were moving and getting closer!!! YEAH!

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  1. So glad this process is finally moving for you again. I can't wait to see your TC!