Thursday, January 14, 2010

A powerful testimony from a humble, broken woman

Sanctity of Life Sunday is January 24th. As a woman who is pro-life, I am deeply convicted that we should embrace, forgive and love those women who have had abortions and are dealing with the gravity, guilt, and horror of what they have done. They need a Christian community to forgive and help them. This video is beautiful testimony of why abortion is a travesty against women and the unborn children. It also speaks strongly to the affect a harsh, judgmental word can have on a woman who is alone, pregnant, and struggling for direction. I pray we have compassion on anyone who is in this situation and can show them the love of Christ when they desperately need it unlike the protestor she describes who screamed she was a “baby killer.” I pray the Christian community will reflect Christ to a lost world by compassionately, and practically helping these women in there time of desperation.

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