Saturday, January 2, 2010 ROCKS!

I found the BEST website for girls clothes I've ever seen. I liked every article of clothing I saw while browsing! Take a peek!
And just in case you need to save some $, they have great sales too! And, no....I didn't order anything..although I was GREATLY tempted!!! Maybe later!


  1. Lennox was born April 30th. How funny. Yes I have been watching your progress and hope you get your I600 approval very soon!

  2. I LOVE their clothes as well- super cute and Asian style, but still can't bring myself to spend so much on one outfit. Maybe for something special- or I have heard of people finding it at Nordstrom Rack too...

    I am just now catching up on some of my fav blogs. Just wanted to say that your little Addison is SO CUTE! I know you have had some ups and downs and a lot of unknowns still, and I just wanted you to know that we have had a lot of the same thing too with our Elliana- but it is so amazing when you finally get to hold her and bring her home... you will do whatever it takes to help her get the care she needs, and who knows what the outcome will be- but the LORD does and He has knit her together to be a part of your family!
    Hope to hear some good news about your I600 SOON!!! :-)