Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dominican Republic = paradise

 So we decided to go on vacation seeing as the adoption was no where close to happening.  After all, Mark had days he had to use or he would lose them, so we decided to go to the Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  (I saw the pretty beaches on the TV show, House Hunters International, which is what prompted us to go!)  It was everything we thought it would be...actually more.  We stayed in Edificio #13 (pictured above)

When we arrived, it was evening and Punta Cana faces southeast, so we didn't ge much of a sunset, but here are some shots anyway.

The beach just near our room.

The lobby area in our resort

 More beach shots...but I think this is the sunrise...I can't remember.

 Yes, this is sunrise...we went scuba diving every morning so we were on the beach by 8am every morning to meet the boat that took us to our diving center.

 More beach

The next afternoon at the beach.  Its truly as white and beautiful as it appears in this photo.  Such a beautiful place; such perfect weather. 

So every day there was nice ocean breeze coming off of the Atlantic and a warm sun shining down on the beach.  So incredibly perfect.  Its not terribly popular with Americans, but let me tell you, there were tons of Canadians, especially Frech-speaking Canadians, and Europeans too.  There were even some Russians.  It was quite an international vacation spot!  Tons of languages and culutres in one place.

 Mark hanging out at the beach, reading his diving book.  We got our open diving certification while there, so it required some studying.

My view from my beach chair.  Divine. 


  1. So why isn't Mark wearing a Speedo???

  2. So glad you guys got to get away together for a couple days! Hopefully you came home refreshed in body and spirit!