Friday, March 9, 2012

The Dominican countryside...and another beach!

Macao Beach
We took a dune buggy excursion into the Dominican countryside.  Although I wasn't fond of the actual buggy-riding, I did like getting off the resort and seeing the countryside...and this gorgeous beach named "Macao Beach."
 It was quite beautiful! 

Here's Mark driving our dune buggy.  So studly! 

 This was the road we were on.  Now, I must say that the cities were much nicer, richer, and cleaner than the country.  In the cities, the roads were all paved, there was little to no trash, and there were businesses everywhere, and all the buldings and homes had running water, electricity, applicances and other modern conveniences. 

In the country, as you'll see, it was much poorer.  There were few paved roads and some houses didn't have running water.  (although based on what we saw, many had electricity.)  It was a stark change from the city in which we were staying. 
 Here is a field with some cattle.

 Here's a little farm house we saw off the road.

 Here is another little country house.  All the houses, even in the city - well, many in the city - hung their laundry out to dry.  I guess dryers aren't the norm for most people. 

 Here we were at a cave.  You could swim in the pool in the cave, but I wasn't interested in jumping in cold water with a bunch of French and/or Canadian tourists.

 This little girl ran out to the road when we drove by.  On our way back, we stopped and took a picture because we thought she was so cute!  She put her little hand on her hip and waved away!!

The cattle raised for beef were African cattle, so clearly different from the cattle here in the states.   I thought they were interesting..maybe a little pretty. 
We saw this guy riding a donkey...which was unusual.  Most people drove mopeds, motorcylces, trucks or cars.  We saw very few, if any people using animals for transportation.  It was really different so I took a picture.

More pictures later!!! 

Let me just say,  I really, really, loved the Dominican Republic!  I mean, I loved it.  I didn't want to leave.  Mind you, I've visited Mexico and Jamaica, and really did want to come home when vacation was over, but this was one country I loved and really, really didn't want to leave.  It was so beautiful, mountainous, tropical, incredible beaches, perfect weather and I loved the poeple!  They were very friendly and loved speaking Spanish with me!  They were great and I really loved it!  It was amazing.  the food was great, it was all fabulous!!! 


  1. I went to the Dominican on a missions trip last year. What a beautiful country, and what a great need for Jesus.

  2. I agree Brittany! There was a HUGE need and massive poverty amongst the Haitian immigrants. It really broke my heart. I'll show those pictures later.