Thursday, March 22, 2012

True Converts

My spring break has been rainy, so instead of doing yard work or cleaning out my garage, I've been reading blogs - lots of blogs.  In my defense, they've all been related to religion and Christianity so maybe this makes it less of a waste of time.  (maybe not...)  Here's one post I really liked and felt it was worthy of re-posting,


So, when I hear of the great numbers being baptized in North America mega-churches I ask this question, “Where is the fruit?” Is it simply in bringing more members into the mega-church - more butts to fill up the pews or comfy theatre seating.

John Wesley said, “The Church changes the world not by making converts but by making disciples.” He was known for rigorously examining people to discover whether they had really become believers. It could take up to two years of intense discipleship before Wesleyans actually accepted a person’s conversion. And though I come from a line of Wesleyan preachers on my mother’s side, and identify myself as predominantly Arminian in my theology, I’m not suggesting this kind of rigour.


There must be more than simple crossing a line from darkness to light and then sitting just past that line for the rest of one’s days.

I am suggesting that we should and must have an expectation of real transformation in the lives of new believers. This doesn’t happen by having them sit on their butts in comfortable pews listening to sermons on Sunday morning and, perhaps, occasionally on Wednesday evening. It happens with older-in-the-faith believers walking alongside younger-in-the-faith believers —teaching them the historicity of the faith, the power of prayer, the longing for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, what the fruits of the spirit are, compelling them to read the Scriptures and become like the Bereans who Paul lauded, and to learn to be makers of discipler themselves. (Note that the older and younger references are not meant to suggest chronology but rather people who have been Christians longer than the new believer.)

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  1. You completely speak my heart in this post. We recently relocated to a new city that is chalked full of MEGA churches. We are struggling to find something that fits our life. I know the right church is here somewhere, but we are struggling so hard to find a place where truly walking like Christ, discipleship and outreach are more important than numbers.

  2. Spot on, dear daughter!!!