Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paradise cont...

Mark on the beach.  It was clear based on his swimsuit he was American.  Most of the Canadians and all of the European men wore some form of tightly fitted speedo swimsuit.  It became quite commonplace by the end of the week.
Me on the beach..note the diving book NOT being read!!
Here are 5 year old twins from Colombia.  Once I started talking to them in Spanish they were my best friends!  She loved the Disney princesses!!
Here's the sitting area of our room.  The room was really big!
Here's the other side of the room.  We had a king size bed.  It was nice.
Here is our balcony.  It had an ocean view and was quite pretty. 
This was one of the three big pools at the resort.  We never used the pool...I mean why bother when you've got the beautiful ocean just steps away?!
The main reception hall and buffet.
This is us before dinner one night.
Here we are eating dinner in the large buffet dining hall.  We ate breakfast here every morning too.  There was another nice buffet near the beach where we always ate lunch.  It was my favorite because you could see the ocean and the beach while you ate.  I ate dessert with every single meal.  I not only ate dessert...I ate several kinds of dessert!!!  So good!!!
Here we are at the "Mexican Restaurant" at the resort.  The guy taking our picture insisted we wear the lovely we did.  I find it odd that the resort had a "Mexican" restaurant.  Why wouldn't they have a Dominican one?   Who knows.  It was really good!  We enjoyed it.  More photos in a day or two! 

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