Monday, February 27, 2012


So we've had NO movement at all on the adoption front. Korea is still refusing to grant the necessary paperwork to any orphan awaiting overseas adoption. We are fast approaching eleven months, just waiting and hoping Korea will let her come home.   At this point one has to ask, “Will they ever let her come home?”  It’s a valid question.  Right now we have no timeframe and have been left hanging indefinitely.  Our conversations about Avery have gone from, “When she comes home…”  to “If she comes home…”   
In spite of this, I send her a care package every month.  It’s the only way I can show her and her foster family we still lover her, we still want her, and we constantly think about her.  It’s the only tangible thing I can do.Here are some photos of the most recent package and new photos of her opening our February package. 
We love you baby.  We miss you.  We long for you to come home.  You’re always in our prayers.

Here are the kids holding the items we sent for her March care package
Addie holding her sister.
Addies kissing Avery.
Here's Avery holding her February care package.  We sent her a Minnie Mouse since its one of Addie's favorite things!  I think she likes it.
Here's her pretty face.
She looks so big here. In front of her is all the stuff we sent her. 


  1. SO sorry and sad that you have had to wait so long... I have followed your story for so long. This is just too sad and your love should be home with her forever family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Heather (Max's mom, home from Korea in 2009)

  2. Did you see that they are processing the first round of exit permits today? We're waiting too, and we're praising the Lord that things are moving again!