Saturday, February 25, 2012

God is gracious

Yesterday afternoon, my little niece Corinne walked out of the hospital.  It is a miracle from God.  He heard our many, many prayers, and was merciful to allow her to come home.  We are so grateful for the prayers and so grateful to God for his mercy.  She stills has a long way to go to regainher  speach and mobility, but we are thrilled.  Please pray for her continued recovery and for patience as they begin intesive, 5-day-a-week therapy.   

Corinne at Christmas
Corinne's birthday
My brother and his family.  We love you.

Praise God for infinite mercy and grace!

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  1. Praising HIM with you that Corinne is out of the hospital and continuing to pray for complete recovery as she goes thru PT. If you get a chance, drop me an email. I would love to know what it was and what specfically she is still dealing with....LOVE your family!