Friday, October 16, 2009

Addison's Care Package

Adoptive parents are able send “care packages” to their children in Korea. They way this works is you fill a box with items you want given to your child, mail it to the agency and then they will give the package to the foster mom. We wanted to send a care package to Addison, so the boys and I went shopping to find her some things. I gave each boy a small amount of money and then we went to Target so they could choose items they wanted to send to their baby sister. We were there a long time as each boy labored to choose the perfect items to put in the care package. Here are some photos of the fun we had
Jacker decided the blanket was a far better gift than a teether!

Drew couldn't decide what outfit to choose..too many choices!

Nick & Drew were discussing who would get this outfit as they both liked it.

Oh no!!! Did you catch us shopping!!!

Who knew he'd be so cute in pink!!!

Look mom!!!! baby Ugs!!!

Here's what they all ended up with! We had so much fun!

Enjoy your gifts baby girl! We love you!

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