Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update on Addison

We just received our monthly update on Addison and I'm delighted to report she is doing great! She currently weighs 18lbs. which places her in the 79th percentile for weight. As for her length she is now 25 inches long which places her in the 25% for height. So basically she is a round little chunk! She is now able to get up on all fours, but is not yet crawling. She can stand up while holding onto her Foster mom's hands. She is also laughing, cooing, and can say "ma-ma" and "um-um." (…Which is probably "umma," the Korean word for mother.) Developmentally she is right on target and we are really happy for such a great report! We don't have any new photos but were really hoping we get some soon.

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