Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Little Bit About My Boys!


Nick is in the top singing group at his high school (Let this mama brag a little!).  The participants must audition to make this group.  Its called New Generations and they are a show chior.  He has loved this experience.  They had  their last concert of the year a couple weeks ago and here are some photos from that event. 

Nick also completed his lifeguarding certification & training and is now employed as a lifeguard at the local YMCA!  I think he's such a cute lifeguard!!   (I love his sunglasses!!)


Drew plays basketball year-round.  This means we go to quite a bit of basketball.  He's currently in his summer league.  Here are some photos from his last tournament.  I will say, its quite difficult to get photos at basketball.  They didn't turn out very well! 


Jack is playing baseball again this summer.  He's the catcher for his team which he is thrilled about!  Here are some photos from his last baseball game.

 This photo is interesting.  You can see Jack running to 1st base, and yet you can see the pitcher in the background about to throw the ball to get him out.  (Jack didn't make in time either!)


Addison has been toted along to many, many games (as you can see!!!)  Before you feel too sorry for her please note; she loves going to the games.  She always has little kids to play with and she actually cries if she doesn't get to go!  The proof is in the photos below.

 Her "basball friend" named Ivy.

 Hand on the hip...this is how she poses for pictures!!

Here she is posing for yet another picture!  Looks  abit litke a cheerleading stance!?!
So, we are in full gear for summer, and LOVING it!  Yay!  


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