Monday, May 7, 2012

Addison is 3!!

My family, as well as Mark's family all got together to celebrate Addison's third birthday!  I can't believe she's so big already!!  Here are my dad and older brother talking.
Addison got an umbrella from my mom! 
Here's my younger bother and his girlfriend.  (This first "blog-worthy" girlfriend)
Addison and her playdough set!  She loves playdough!
Here are my neices: Cecelia & Corinne (4 & 5 years old)
Opening more gifts.
...and more!
It was a beautiful day so all the cousins were able to play outside.
Here is Addison on the slide were her younger cousin Owen.
Addison eating the icing off of the cake!!!
Airyn going down the slide.  I love his lopsided smile!!
More of Owen
Addison lounging on the deck after eating her cake.  Her stomach was very full!
Airyn cheesin'

Eating more cake

All the cousins seemed to love the cake
Maybe she got tired of all og my photos?!?!?
Blowing out candles
Addison blowing out her candles with Daddy's help.
Daddy and his girl on her birthday!  So Sweet!!

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