Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HUGE, Happy surprise!!!!!!

So we received the BEST surprise in the mail today.  A little CD with 33 photos of Avery sent to us by her foster mom!!!!!  I was so, so happy!!!!  When I saw the package from Holt I thought, "Oh no, they've decided to keep her and this is "the letter."  But instead, I saw that her foster mom had been SO SO thoughtful and taken a ton of photos (almost all of them incude Avery wearing the clothes we've sent or playing with the things we've mailed) and sent them to me!  I couldn't believe it!!  I can't even tell you how incredibly encouraging this was!!!  I can't even describe it!  I'm so thrilled.  She is absolutely adorable too!    

 I LOVE this one!!!!  She looks so cute with her little backpack...like she's going to school.  Addison saw this photo and said, "Mama, Sissy not a baby.  She tall.  She big."  That makes me sad! :(   She is big though.  The clothes she's wearing are 18-24 months already!

Thank you for the photos foster family!


  1. She is totally adorable - I love her cute pigtails!! Glad you got some happy encouragement.

  2. loved catching up with u guys on ur blog - and LOVED the new pics of Avery. :) so happy that u got this special blessing to keep tiding you over. continuing to pray for u guys!

    enjoyed the pics and info on how ur boys and little addison - what a doll! - are spending their summer as well. :)

  3. Oh how wonderful!! What a treasure.

  4. Thank you so much for including so many wonderful pictures and updates on your blog. Thank you especially for not having your blog private. I am interested in adopting from South Korea and have followed your journey with Addison, and now your second little one. You are the one and only blogger that I have seen that actually included videos of your gotcha day and aftermath- which included some of the rough bits. It was so refreshing to see first hand some of the loss, the grief, the sadness, confusion.... along with the happiness, excitement, elation that comes with such a wonderful experience. It's hard to understand what can be involved for everybody when you just read words and are yet to experience in first hand, so seeing some video definately gave me a lot more insight and appreciation. Thank you so much. I have fingers and toes crossed that you get your travel call soon. Warmest wishes, Kristy :)