Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update & New Photos!

We were so excited and surprised to receive an update & new photos!  We couldn't believe it!!!  The report says Avery is at a 9 month developmental level, so only a month behind.  She is creeping/crawling, waving bye-bye, playing pat-a-cake, has two teeth, and has starting eating cereal.  She currently weighs 18.5lbs, and is 27.95 inches which means she is pretty little still!  The photos show ehr with the care package we sent her!  Were so happy she got our gifts!
 I'm assuming the lady holding her is her foster mom.  So sweet. 

 I think this photo was taken at the foster mom's home.  It doesn't look like a Holt photo or room.
Here she is wearing the outfit Nick bought her.  It fits perfectly!  (Which means she is wearing 9 month old clothing)

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