Saturday, July 16, 2011

The birthmother

I think often about Addison reuniting with her birthmother. I send her birthmother photos, videos, and letters so she will be able to watch her grow up and know she is thriving and loved. I also want Addison to know I valued her birth mother enough to foster this communication. It's a very small thing, but I feel Addison will want this, and will want to know she has my blessing if and when she wants to meet her birthmother. I never want her to feel as though I might be upset when she desires to pursue this relationship. God has been, and continues to teach me to hold my children VERY loosely. They are gifts, not possessions. I didn't feel this way initially, but my heart has had a drastic 180 since we first started the adoption process and I began to pray for her birthmother. Prayer changes hearts.

I say all of this because I ran across a touching video that depicts a Korean adoptee reuniting with her birthmother. She explains the conflicting emotions connected with this situation. It is so personal, touching, insightful and gives me a glimpse into what may be in store for my daughter…and the prospect of sharing her with her birthmother.

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