Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pictures & Video!!!

I am so excited!!!  Yesterday I received a CD in the mail that contained pcitures and video of Avery!  I was thrilled!  She was 9 months old when these were taken!  She is so beautiful...  I can't wait to hold her and do her fabulously thick hair! 

She is wearing the outfit Drew chose for her so we know she got her care package!

I don't think she's very excited about the photo shoot!

I don't think there is a cuter baby...except Addison, of course!


  1. Hello! Hope u don't mind me stopping by. I'm waiting for a referral from Holt so I couldn't agree with you more that you have the 2 cutest little girls. Thanks for sharing your pics and video. It's so lovely to see how well cared for and loved the children are by their foster parents and the MD! They are totally rooting for the children to be bright, beautiful and thriving!! Hoping you get to bring lilllest sister home very very soon!!

  2. So sweet~ It was so helpful to watch a WBC! That helped us picture how they come up with all those + and - on our charts! She is so beautiful! What a precious gift - to receive videos of your new daughter~

  3. What a lovely baby girl!!! COngrats on the new video and pictures.

  4. Avery is precious! LOVE the pictures you got.

  5. how awesome that you got pictures and video too! she is so adorable!