Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nick's 8th grade Graduation

My baby, (AKA: Nick: my fourteen year old, first born son) had his 8th grade graduation last night. I can't believe I'll have a child in high school in the fall! Here are some photos of his last day at middle school. (I teach at his school, hence the many photos...I swear I wasn't stalking him!)

The 8th grade class leaving for their annual bolwing trip. Nick and some of his friends.

Nick at the graduation, waiting to walk across the stage and get his promotion certificate.

Why did I upload this one? Well, thats me waiting with the students.

I was able to read the names of students in Nick's row, so when I read his, I had to stop and hug him. He said I could as long as I didn't cry or kiss him. I behaved.

Nick going back to his seat.

Nick and Addison after the graduation

All my kids; not terribly photogenic, but cute notheless.

All of us. I love my family. I looked at this photo and thought, "Wow, that's a big family!"

Ok, the next sequence of photos are hilarious. Before you look at them let me defend myself:

  • First; the gym was pretty much empty when this happened.
  • Second; If you have two or more boys who are all 9 years and older, you'll completely understand what you're about to see.
  • Third; If you dont' laugh at these instances, you'll go crazy.
  • Fourth: I love boys. They are hilarious!!!
  • Enjoy.
Photo #1 Photo op

Photo #2 photo op turned headlock

Photo #3 photo op turned headlock, slighly off balance

Photo #4 No longer a photo op, a wrestling match

Photo #5 Photo op gone wrong

...really wrong

Photo #6 Victory!! He's pinned
(...and we never really got a good photo!)
Also, in my own personal defense, my husband took all these photos.


  1. Congratulations to Nick. Gorgeous pics and I think all your children are photogenic!!! I also really get the boy thing too;)

  2. Congratulations Nick! What a beautiful family! And absolutely no need to defend yourself. At this point I only have 1 boy and he's only 6 and I still get it! :)

  3. congrats to Nick. and boys will always be boys - all dressed up or not. And they never grow out of it. :)

  4. Congrats Nick! What a beautiful family!