Friday, May 7, 2010


As many of you know, Addison was diagnosed with a seizure disorder in Korea due to obvious symptoms and irregular EEG. To follow up on this we took her to see a pediatric neurologist who conducted an EEG and then observed her developmental progress and responses. First of all, the EEG was completely normal. There was absolutely no sign of any seizures whatsoever. Secondly, her MRI was completely normal. Thirdly, she is developmentally ahead of where typical one-year-old would normally be, so there is no concern here. Also, we have not noted any symptoms at all since being home (and the foster-mother hadn’t noted any symptoms since December of 2009) I truly didn’t expect such great news, (my husband did!) but I’m so delighted that she won’t have to deal with this issue as she grows up. It is truly a blessing. God has been excessively generous with us!


  1. Fantastic news for Addison and her future. Im sure you are also very relieved for her too:) Sher is gorgeous by the way;)

  2. Wow! God is truly awesome! Thank you, God!