Sunday, May 9, 2010

Addison's Birthday

The birthday girl in her cute pink outfit. (Thanks Lois!!!)
We celebrated Addison's first birthday last Sunday. In Korea, first birthdays are a very important event. Some people rent banquet hall, cater in food, and invite 100+ people! We didn't do all of that, but we did try to incorporate some traditional Korean customs to honor her heritage and make the day special. Here are some photos from her party.
The boys made cupcakes, iced them, and put pink sprinkles on them.

The doljabi game is a traditional game played at a child's first brithday. All the guests guess what item Addison will choose form the table. The item chosen is supposed to indicate something about their future. Here are what the items mean:
thread-long life
piggy bank-wealthy

You'll see what she chose in some later photos.

These towers are also traditional decorations. The boys each made one and put something on it to represent Addison: The one on the left was made by Drew. The circle on it is the symbol found on the Korean flag. The one on the right is Nick's. The pig represent Seoul (its their symbol) which is where she lived.

I made this one. It is her Korean name using the Korean letters.

The one on the left was made by Jack. He made a heart becasue he loves her. (so sweet)

Getting dressed in her hanbok. It has many layers as you'll see. This is layer #1; the slip.
The hanbok is what a child wears on their first birthday. The one she had was given to us by her foster mother. It was so beautful!

Layer #2: the skirt

Layer #3: The top

All ready!

She chose the stethescope!!!! She will be a doctor!! See how delighted Jack is? He obviously predicted she would choose that one!

Opening gifts.

Her birthday cake.

Addison & her daddy. (I love this picture!)

We bought her a silver bracelet with her Korean name engraved on it.

Addison and her Aunt.

Eating her cake. She LOVED it!

What a mess!

Still lovin' the stethescope!

Addison with her grandma & grandpa

Addison with her Aunt and Uncle: both are doctors!!

The bracelet we bought her.

Jack with Addie.


  1. Loved this post. So cool how you incorporated Korean culture into her party. She is one blessed little girl.

  2. WE are the ones who are blessed!!! God has been, and continues to been excessively gracious with us!

  3. Happy Birthday Addison!! Looks like you had a great first birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Beautiful Addison! What a gorgeous hanbok!