Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where are Our Legals?

Good question!! Normally, Legals take 4-6 weeks to arrive from Korea. This is packet of paperwork that contains legal documents that must be submitted with our application for Addison's Visa. Basically, nothing can happen without this paperwork. Everything is hold until we get this. Everything. So, we are currently on our 7th week waiting for these important papers to arrive. I emailed Holt and they immediately looked into it. They do not know where they are at this point, and we were told to contact them at the end of the week in order to give them time to reach Korea. It is suspected that the Legals are taking longer because she wasn't born in Seoul. I've been told it could be 7-9 weeks as a result of the delays. AHAGAHG! Its so frustrating! Basically, everything has now been pushed back a month. I'm really tired of delays, waiting, and bumps in the road. Ug.

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