Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Questions Answered

I’ve had quite a few questions about Brooke, so I thought I’d answer a couple of them here.

#1) Will she be adopted even though she has health problems?
-Yes, there is a program called “The Waiting child Program” that is strictly for parents who want to adopt children with various health issues. Some people wait up to a year to be matched with one of these children, so yes, I believe she will be adopted…hopefully very soon. (I explained this is an earlier click here to read more)

#2) Why couldn’t your family adopt her?
When couples first apply to adopt, they are given a health checklist which basically is a list of health problems a child might have. You check any you would be open to and to what severity (mild moderate, serious). We checked quite a few, but none of the problems Brooke developed were ones we had agreed to. In addition to that, her problems were serious and were going to require extensive care. The agency felt she would be better matched with a family who had previously requested such needs and were better prepared to meet her medical needs. My head agrees, but my heart doesn’t.

How to pray for Brooke.
· Pray her condition doesn’t’ worsen and that she can have a relatively normal life.
· Pray she is placed with a Christian family who will nurture her physically and spiritually.
· Pray the doctors in Korea can find the source of her problems and treat them effectively.
· Pray that she comes to know Christ as her Savior.

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