Monday, September 7, 2009

Prayer Specifics

We went on a small trip over Labor Day weekend to visit family. While there we saw many cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends. We were so overwhelmed by everyone’s excitement and interest in Baby Brooke. We greatly appreciated all the people who stated they were already praying for her quick arrival home. Thank you SO much for that! We are moved by your love and concern! I did want to give those praying some very specific things to pray about:

1. Pray we get her “legals” from Holt Korea ASAP! (her “legals” are papers that prove she is an orphan, prove she was relinquished legally, prove she is healthy, etc…)

2. Once we get “legals” they are sent to immigration. Pray we get our i600 immigration form approved ASAP so she can get her Visa. (Immigration can be a huge mess…so please pray this goes smoothly!!)

3. There are many other smaller things to pray about, but these are the two major things looming right now that could slow down her arrival!

Thanks to all of you! We are so grateful of your support and love!


  1. Hey I saw you were from Kansas! We are too. Are you near Whichita? We live in KC. I have been following your blog and had no idea we lived in the same state. Funny.

  2. R U coming to the Holt picnic this month?