Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jesus Intrudes on Our Space

I’m reading the book entitled, Your Jesus is Too Safe by Jared C. Wilson. It is a fabulous read and I highly recommend it. In it, Mr. Wilson reveals the Jesus the Bible really portrays, not the Jesus we see paraded around to fill church seats or sell books. Mr. Wilson also shows his readers that the reason the world doesn’t “get” Jesus is because we “have spent decades selling a Jesus cast in our own image” and ignored what the Bible actually says about him.

In one section He talks about Jesus the prophet. He reminds us that the role of the prophet was to intrude upon the lives of the hearers. He says, “This is what Jesus the prophet does. He inserts himself into our workaday lives, he invades our space and exposes our hearts. He tells us the ugly truth about ourselves, but not to shame or punish us, but to open us up, to provoke us and prompt us, to disarm our defenses and turn us –all of us, our whole selves-toward him."

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