Thursday, June 4, 2009

Say it isn't so!

I received the monthly update from our adoption agency this morning, and the news was not what I had hoped to see. The wait for families requesting a healthy baby girl has increased…again…it is now approximately 14 months total. (from homestudy approval to referral.) Our homestudy was approved July 28, 2008. At that time we expected a 10-11 month wait. The timeframe lengthened to 12 months around Christmas, and last month it lengthened again to 13 months. Now we are looking at 14 months. That means we might get our referral in September.

This isn’t the fault of the agency. There just haven’t been many baby girls available for adoption and there was a sudden influx of people requesting baby girls last spring and summer. Clearly they can’t control either factor; this is just part of adoption. We will be matched with a baby at some point, and clearly God alone knows when that is. One thing I do know; the baby who is matched with our family will be perfect and I can’t wait to see her.

Dear God, help me wait patiently!

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