Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snake Bite!

Thursday evening our church held its Vacation Bible School program & cookout. At the event, there was a "reptile man" which delighted the boys, but made me recoil! YUK!
Here is my cute Jack holding a lizard! I love this photo! Here is Drew, with a snake wrapped around his neck. Notice the boy in the yellow t-shirt looking at him like he's crazy!!! (He is!!!)
Here was the main attraction; the seven foot "pet" python! ...and yes people were picking it up and petting it! AGAHH!!! Jack "pet" it too.
...and here is the result of that "pet!" He bit Jacker right on the finger!!!!! Jack was compeletly traumatized, but when the tears cleared, he was fine and now has a great story! How many 8 year olds can say they've been bit by a seven foot long python!!! (He really is fine. The doctor said just wash it and keep a band-aid on it. All is well!)
In the end, I was right. Snakes and other reptiles are dangerous and gross...especially big ones!
Jack told me to tell you that "It didn't hurt!" So there you have it!

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