Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Vacation - Sea World

 Our summer vacation was to San Antonio. We rented a house with a pool and decided to see the city and the surrounding area. Our first stop while there was Sea World.  

 This show was quite fun.  It was entitled "Pets ahoy" and featured about 50 different rescued animals who were trained to to perform various stunts & tricks.  We saw everything every from pigs, skunks, cats, dogs, & even pigeons and Parrots.  It  was fun to see all the animals!

Here are our sweet girls in the double stroller that they HAD to have due to the heat & their fatigue. 

Here we are waiting for the water skiing show to begin.  We sat in the "splash zone" which was a mistake.  Avery was SO upset when she was splashed by the jet ski.  It was a small tragedy in her world!  She was basically done with this show after that!
(Due to her smile you can see this prior to the splashing!)

The next show we attended was the beluga whale & Dolphin show.  I think this was my very favorite.  There were divers, acrobats, and of course the animals.

Here is a beluga whale kissing a trainer/clown.

 The next show was the Killer Whale show.  Below you'll see the aquarium used for this even.  It was rather impressive.  

Here is one photo of the whale flipping over, (We did NOT sit in the "splash zone" for this one!)

 The last show of the day was the seal & otter show.  We were pretty tired & hot at this point but they were really fun to watch.

Avery got bored while waiting for the show to start & took some "selfies"

 A super sassy selfie!!!!

Eating cotton candy....which is always fun.  What not to like about straight sugar!!

After the day at Sea World, we were all beat...especially the girls!!!
More vacation fun to come!!!

Sea world video............

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