Saturday, July 11, 2015

Independence Day!

 4th of July is a big deal in our neighborhood.  Out suburb has very relaxed fireworks laws so its truly a war zone in our area.  The kids run around and light fireworks for hours.  We always get together with friends & family so its a huge group and we always really enjoy the chaos!  Here's some photos of our evening!!!

 Avery & Addie LOVE all the fireworks!  The are never afraid!  (Although their brothers were afraid at that age!!) They even light their own fireworks which dad buys them!!

 lighting fireworks!

 Addie & her cousin Owen.

 Addie - with rosy cheeks, already hot even though the night is just starting!!

 Addison sitting with the stash of fireworks.

 The boys hauling in boxes of their fireworks.

Angie - looking pretty!!
 Nick, looking into the sky & trying to catch a parachute firework!
Jack chatting with cousin & friends! 

Addison working on some fireworks!! 

 Owen. Lighting some rockets!

Nick - lighting a firework.

 Nick and his friends, Spencer & Chandler

 Drew jumping at an explosion!

Avery with her Daddy! 


 Addison and her friend - Katie.


 Baby Ethan.

 Papa Larry, Mark's Dad.

 My sister-in-law, Sheri, she tried to take a picture and I kept taking her photo instead!  She starting laughing!

 Here, Owen is actually biting Mark and do you see his dad troy on the right with the blue t-shirt? He was laughing!

Much of of the family!

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