Saturday, July 4, 2015

Family Wedding Fun

 Last weekend we attended a family wedding.  We had a nice time seeing family and visiting.  
Here are some photos of the evening.  They were all taken with my phone so they're not all that great.  
Here are my sweet girls!  They were SO excited about the wedding!  After all, where else do they get to eat cake & dance!!!  

 Here are my handsome boys!  They begrudgingly posed with me.  

 Here is my niece Karoline - The girls love her!

 My girls!

 Avery LOVES taking selfies!  Here are a few!

 Addison basically danced all night!  Here she is dancing with Drew.

 More dancing photos!

 You can kind of see Nick dancing in the background there.

 Avery dancing with her aunt Sheri.

Drew & Addison 

Avery & her Aunt Kim

 Mark chatting with one of his cousins

 Avery LOVES playing with everyone's phones!!

Mark, his brother, & his dad. 

The girls eating at the table with all their cousins & siblings 

Here are my sister-in-laws, Kim & Sheri (Angela couldn't make it) plus Karoline my niece.  

Daddy & his princess!  

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