Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Fun

The girls and I dyed Easter eggs!  They loved putting the stickers on them!  Here they are hard at work.

 All done!  Beautiful princess Easter eggs!
 Here is the fireplace Easter Morning.  All the kids had treats which were left by the Easter Bunny!
As you can see, the boys got pop and snack foods...the Easter bunny knew they were not really  interested in candy eggs, princess wands, and cute baskets!
 For the girls.

 Addison loved the wand and the flower headband
 Avery loved the chocolate!  :)
 Here are the photos we took before church.  (Yes, those are the same dresses from last year.  They still fit and they still loved them so they wore them...thus saving me a bit of money!!)
 Here are all the kiddos before church.  They were clearly NOT ready for the photo!!!  (Cooper, the boy on the far right is now living with us.  He is 13, and a 7th grader.  He is going to school with the boys and this is his first Easter with our family.  Were so glad to have him!  
 A MUCH better picture of the kids!!  love this one!
 Later, we went our to do our annual Easter egg hunt with the cousins.

 Look!  I found an egg (Thats my nephew Owen)

 Always being silly!!!
Here is the whole family.  God has been SO good and excessively gracious to us!  We are thankful.


  1. So many gorgeous pictures - looks like you have a wonderful easter.

  2. You two are just too young to have this many children! But I love each and every one of them!