Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Senior Prom!

My baby Nick, is clearly NOT a baby...(sniff sniff...choke...cry)  I know this because he's 18 years old and this was his Senior prom.  He looks SO handsome!  He makes me very proud!  Here are the MANY photos from the prom!  
Nick posing with sports car.  So nice!
Here is Nick with his prom date, Maddie.  Addison was quite jealous.  She kept saying to him, "You're my Nicky.  Mine!"  (Sorry baby girl...he's not yours...clearly not mine either...sniff.. sniff)
Taylor, one of Nick's friends needed a date so he set her up with Chandler, his cousin who attends a different school.  It was neat they could go to prom together!  (She had a stress fracture and was on crutches...poor girl!)
Nick & Maddie

                    Taylor,   Chandler,    Maddie Z,   Nick,   Maddie B.,  Cameron  Kinsley, and    Michael

At this point, they were tired of pictures...but the parents reminded them that they didn't pay for any of this, so we had the right to take ALL the pictures we wanted!!!!

Ok, now they're really done!

Chandler & Nick

Chandler...being a goof!!!

The school has a "red carpet" where the kids are announced and they walk down the carpet.  Here is Austin, on of Nick's long-time friends.  He's like family really.   

Of course, here is Nick & Maddie...great photo!  Very well posed!

Chandler's dates had a stress fracture and was on crutches.  She could only walk a little ways down the carpet, so he carried her the rest of the way.  It was very sweet!

Nick, Austin & Chandler....these guys have been friends their entire lives.  No joke!  They've grown up together.  Look at the photo below!  This is the three of them when they were probably 4.  It was taken right after they did the Easter egg hunt.   Aren't they adorable!  They're SO big now!  Ug!!  I'm on the verge of tears.    (Seems to be common lately!)

Some of Nick's good friends...all together.  Nick said he had a great time!  I'm so glad he could enjoy his senior prom!  

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