Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Addison's 5th birthday!

 Addison turned 5!  She was SO excited for her birthday party!  Can't you just see the delight!?!?

 We just invited friends & family...but we ahve a lot of those so it was a full house!
 My older brother!  
 Addison's Cinderella cake!
 Blowing out her candles.
 This girl LOVES cake!  Watch her put it away!

 Just a small bite!   :)
 This is one of her cousins, Corinne.

 Here she is opening the gifts people brought her!

So happy!!!  
 Great photo Nick!!
 my sweet girl.
 Another cousin Airyn
 Here is yet another cousin, Cecelia. (And my mom!)  
We had a great birthday party and were so thankful for all our friends and family who helped us celebrate out sweet girl.

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  1. Well. for once in my old life, I took a decent picture!