Saturday, March 1, 2014

Roatan, Honduras

So we went to Roatan, Honduras for a week - just the two of us!  It was SUCH a nice treat!  
Why Roatan?  Its cheap.  It has the second largest reef in the world. (Good for scuba diving) Its pretty close (about 6 hours of travel) its in the same time zone, so no jet lag! 

Here I am on the pier by our little resort watching the sunset for the first time in Honduras!  Beautiful!

Here's another view..but taken in the morning.  I often went to the pier in the morning sat in the hammock, and had my devotions.  Its was magical!

Here's a little crab on the pier...they were everywhere in the morning!

Here is the road that led us down to our resort.  We waked up it to go zip-lining.  The flora and views were so beautiful!

at the top of the road overlooking the ocean.

A random monkey..smelly...he was also trained to pick-pocket!  

Our resort was called a "boutique resort" so it was very small.  It is owned by a lady in North Carolina.  Its named Xbalanque.  It was wonderful.  It was secluded, quiet, not at all crowded, and the staff waited on us hand and foot.   I lived like a queen.  I was amazing!  The photo above was taken form our room.

The view from our little balcony.

The huge sitting area.  Our room opened into this area.

more sitting room views.  The owner is an interior decorator and this was her "baby"!  She did such a great job!  It was exquisite and tranquil!

The open eating area overlooking the pool, beach and ocean.

The pool.

View form the back - looking back.

Our beach!

Another sitting area and cabana.

We love to scuba dive, and with 50+ dive sites nearby, we went diving twice a day.  It was amazing!   While on the boat one day we could actually see the mainland of Honduras in the distance.  If you strain, you can see the vague outline of mountains.  

Us on the dive boat.  There were two other couple at the resort and we dove with them every day.  They were so fun!  It was really neat to have two other couples that were about our age, enjoyed diving like us, and were great to hang out with.  We spent the whole week with them!  

Us...looking old!  (its right before a dive actually...)

Randy, one of the guys we dove with, had a great underwater camera and he took this photo of us!

Here's one of the turtles we saw!  SO cool!

The following set of shots was the sunset from the roof balcony!  

The sun has finally set!

Here are some shots form the town.  We walked all over West End.  It had shops and restaurants.  Here's a shot of a cute little Honduran boy playing in they water.

The main street of West End.

The beach along the main road.

Here is the guy who walked around our resort all night.  He made sure people didn't randomly walk over from the beach.  We called him "Machete man"  (He had that huge machete with him at all times!)

Us before dinner there at the resort.  The food was amazing by the way!  Pedro was an awesome chef!  Glorious!

One of the appetizers!  Can you believe that elaborate thing??!?!  It had several hot coals in the bottom that kept the bean/cheesy dip hot.  It was so neat!  We all laughed!

 This is Miss. Honduras.  (I believe she also won the Miss Universe title too) She was at a photo shoot at our resort.  She was so beautiful.  And my husband ought to thank me because since I speak Spanish I could ask her if she would mind taking a picture with him and the guys.  She had wet hair but still looked amazing! 

 We went sip-lining which was fun.  I don't really like heights but it was good to go at least once. The view were incredible.  

 My favorite picture of us taken form the rook deck at sunset! It was perfect!  We loved Roatan!


  1. Wow! It looks beautiful and so many fun things to do.

  2. So-o-o-o glad to finally have some pictures to put in my photo album.

  3. Yes, mom (AKA: Scipi) They're FINALLY online!!!

  4. looks like a gorgeous place. So glad you guys got to take that time as a couple and make some great memories! I am with you on the heights thing, but we ziplined through the treetops while we were in Thailand, and i was glad I had experienced it. Once anyway. :)