Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sorry its been so long!

So we haven't really had much going on that has been photo-worthy.  All is well! We just have been trucking along and for this I'm actually so,so thankful!  Unfortunately though, when the day in and day out is the norm, I don't take many photos because its all commonplace.  Our jobs aren't exciting - both are good, just not photo worthy.  School is fine for the boys.  Preschool is good.  Daycare is still fun.  So here are some random shots taken primarily with my phone for no apparent reason.  Enjoy!  

(Mom, I promise to post photos of our trip ASAP!!   I haven't forgotten!  Luv you!)
 Jack has been wrestling! 

 My girls - posing!

 Avery & Addison coloring - one of their favorite activities!

 They baked some cookies with their Memaw!

 Avery was mad at me.  (She didn't' want to sit in her car seat.)

 Addie being crazy in her dress up clothes

 Avery loves this wand.  She sticks it in her bed post.  I thought that was so cute!

 My handsome son!  

 Addie was trying to tickle Drew!  It may have been more like chocking!

All my men.   a VERY, super handsome group!  (Yes, I'm quite biased!)

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