Monday, June 6, 2016

Dance Recital

 Dance Recital time is here!!  
Addison was SO excited! Here are the photos of her dances

Below you'll see the girls dancing their ballet routine. This one is my very favorite.  I love watching Addison dance ballet.

Below are the girls in their Hip Hop outfits. Addison LOVES hip hop.  Its her very favorite.

 Here are the little girls in their tap costumes watching the big girls do ballet.  SO cute!

The red outfits are for tap - They were little flapper dresses.  

Addison with her good friend Ella.  She also attends school with her. 

Here is Addison with Emme & Ella.  Her good friends!

 My beautiful girl!  Love her so much!

My two cute girlies!!  Love them.   

Addison in her jazz costume.  She loves jazz. 

 My sweet Avery Cake.  I ahd her in dance but she cried on her way to classes most of the time so I pulled her out.  She wants to try it again next years so we will give it a shot!  She opted for gymnastics instead which she loves.

 Dancers chatting about teeth.

 Jazz class

 More tap costumes!

Tap class

 Ella & Addison

 Pretty Avery!!

 Avery helping Miss Jayme with a pink tutu.  She now wants to learn to sew!!

 Ballet pictures!

 runny make up and a hungry tummy!

 Still helping Miss Jayme.

 Ballet class

Her hip hop outfit

 After show #1 - She was so proud!

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