Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Aliah's Birthday Party

Aliah turned one June 5th, but we didn't have her "real" party till June 9th.  
Below are some pictures we took on the 5th - we felt like we should celebrate a little bit on her actual day!
I bought these cute chocolate cupcakes for ll of us to eat. 

We stuck a little candle in it and had a mini-party!

She loved the cupcakes and so did everyone else!

Sweet baby with a messy mouth!  Happy birthday!

Below are all the photos of the big party!  I had to decorate everything in pink for the big day!

We had a photo table so people could get prints of her one-year-old pictures if they wanted them.

We had a gift table - which was VERY full!!!

And here is the sweet birthday girl, dressed up and ready for her first birthday party!

We had all kinds of friends and family come!


Sweet baby!! 

Here we are blowing out the candle on her big cake!!

She had no idea what to do so I had to blow it out for her.  

We then put on her birthday hat which she did NOT like - at first.  

After Cora fixed it, she was good!!  Thanks Auntie Cora!

She FINALLY gets to the good stuff!!  (We had already eaten a big birthday dinner before all of this fun!)

She is of course a princess, and she eats in a rather dainty way!  Not too messy! 


After dinner & cake we opened all of her gifts!
A little book!

A doll baby!

A musical train toy!

Sunglasses and other water toys!

Such cute glasses but I'm not sure she understood them!

But she really loved her doll!  She hugged it and kissed it and tried to feed her the bottle - it was so cute!

Here is Aliah eating her chocolate birthday cake!
               Here she is blowing out her candles!
Happy first birthday sweet Aliah - We all love you so much!

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