Sunday, May 8, 2016

Addison's 7th Birthday

Addison turned last Sunday!!  She really wanted a big cake with flowers and butterflies.  So we found this one!  She was completely delighted.  I really thought it turned out beautifully.  (No, I didn't bake it - I bought it from a local bakery.)

The birthday girl with all of her gifts!  She was delighted! 

Some of the decorations we put up to make the house loo festive.  She loved helping me get everything hung up.   

 Here is my niece holding sweet Aliah.  She was really tired this day!!  Too much partying fun!

 Here are my girls with the big cake.  They were both so happy!  Birthdays are really fun with younger kids!  I love watching their expressions.

 Addison blowing out the candles.

 I love how happy Avery looks.  She was almost as excited for the birthday as Addison was.
So cute!

 The beautiful birthday girl.
 Addison and her cousin.  He was the gift-deliverer.

 Alyssa and the guys.

Addison opening gifts with her cousins running around.  

 Sweet Aliah! Shes the next June!!

 Avery sitting with my younger brother while Addison opened her gifts.  We had such a good time and I'm so thankful my girl is getting so big!!

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