Friday, May 27, 2016

8th Grade Promotion

 So my youngest son, Jack, finished middle school and is ready to go onto high school!  Here are photos from his eight grade promotion.

 He looked to grown up and handsome.

 Here he is entering the gymnasium.  Since I work at his school I was able to read the names for the students in his row.

 So good-looking! I love ti when my boys dress up!


 Here he is walking across the stage after getting his promotion certificate.

 ....and of course, I had to give my boy a hug.  I was lucky enough to be able to read all my boys names for their 8th grade promotions and they all gave me hugs.
(I may or may not have insisted on it!)

 sweet boy.

 heading back to his seat.

 A very small smile (Which is hard to get!)

 We are so proud of Jack!  Love you kiddo!

Because I'm feeling nostalgic, here are links to the 8th grade promotions of my older two boys

Nick's 8th grade graduation
Drew's 8th grade graduation

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