Sunday, April 10, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter morning we woke up to a beautiful snow!  We decided to just go ahead and take our traditional family photo in the snow.

It was very pretty!

 The day before we went our church's Eggstravaganza Even and the girls had a great time!

 Addison had her face painted before the egg hunt.

 My beautiful girls waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

 Let the egg hunt begin!

 After the hunt, Avery was able to get her face painted.

 So pretty!

 The girls at home going through their candy!  They had a very fun pre-easter hunt!!

 Easter morning I had everyone's baskets laid out ready for them to wake up and discover what the Easter bunny had brought them.  We really missed Aliah but still had her little white Easter basket ready and full of goodies for her.  :( 

 Easter morning - the girls were up first and ready to go through their treasures! 

 The girls and their younger cousins were gearing up for our family Easter egg hunt. 
 Avery was walking around leisurely looking for every egg that might be hidden.  She didn't want to miss any of them.

 Addison was running all over the place trying to find every egg as fast as possible!!  she got a lot of eggs too!

 Here's one!

Another one! 

 Addie and all her eggs!

 Ethan and Avery showing off their loot!

 Addie still sprinting about!

 Avery was so excited!  Can't you see it in her face!

 Addie's eggs! 

 My sweet girls!

My boys -  Nick refused to be photographed!  

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