Thursday, October 10, 2013

Senior Pictures

 So my first baby boy is no longer a baby...he's a senior.  I can't believe it.  It makes me sad to be frank but I'm also so proud.  He is such a gift from God and he has made us so incredibly proud.  We truly do not deserve a kid a good as he is.  (You know that saying, "Ya reap what you sow."  We really didn't when it came to Nick.  God has been exceedingly gracious to give us such a son. 
Here are some of his senior pictures.  Enjoy.

 The one above here is my VERY favorite!

A HUGE thanks to my sweet sister-in-law for all the phenomenal photos!  We love them!
(If you want her take some pictures for you...let me know!)

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  1. It's now "sew" (which you cannot do), but "sow", like sowing seeds in the Bible. I personally think it is the wonderful influence of his grandma and grandpa that have contributed to Nick's awesomeness! Well, maybe.......